About this Blog.

Just wanted to share the things that I’ve done, been doing or plan to do for the first time. This blog expands from my personal life, business whatnots, travel escapades, food trips, techy stuff, tutorials, to anything under the sun. So stick around and let’s see what adventures await me for the “first time”.

About Me.

My friends call me Vier (Vee-yier). I’m just a normal-average guy who enjoys doing and experimenting on lots of stuff. I’m not much of a writer but I enjoy sharing my experiences to others. I am passionate in everything that I do and try to do my best in all of my endeavors. I like to travel with friends, cook experimental “edible” things and eat a lot, watch movies at home, attend weddings of my clients, do businesses and investments, play my music and collect percussion instruments, learn search engine optimization and internte marketing, and a whole lot more. To sum it up, I am a Thriving Businessman. Online Seller. Freelance Percussionist. Wedding Supplier. SEO/SEM/Internet Marketing Specialist. Brother. Son. Friend. And practically a first-timer of anything.



  1. Hi..what if hindi po nauupdate yung padala sa passbook?dahil wala pong malapit n branch ng bdo to check the passbook if tlgang nasend yung money.. Would it that be a problem?

    • hello mam ok lang ba nag tin # at ang Driver’s license kase po ung Driver’s license ko ang name ko dun ay alween aldrin p azucena tas sa tin #ko po ay aldrin p azucena ok lang puba un kase kinuha ko un tin # ko hinde kupa na kukuwa ang nso ko tas nung kumuha ako ng Driver’s license ang naka lagas sa nso ko ay alween aldrin p azucena ok lang poba kung ganyan mam tatanong ko lang po pa pm naman po sa facebook account ko if ok lang kung ganun taga malolosbulacan po ako eto po acoount ko sa facebook aldrinazucena@yahoo.com plss pm me if ok lang kung ganyan mam tnx…

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