First Time No. 4: Loading with Uload E-loading Vending Machine

Last night, I received a notification that my e-load would expire the next day and it was already 12:00AM when I read the message. So I went outside and looked for an open sari-sari store, hoping to get my e-load replenished and get extended. But it was really late and all the establishments around our neighborhood were closed. However, as I was walking back to our house, I remembered that there is a newly installed E-load vending machine just at the end of our street. So I went there and checked it out.

I am at first skeptic on using vendo machines – in any sort of products. I had this thought that, since it is unmanned, what if my money or the products get stucked? Who would I go after? But since I really needed to load (my 1,500 free texts from SUN Cellular to other networks is about to expire), I had to try at least otherwise.

Uload Eload Vending Machine Kiosk at your service 24/7!
Uload Eload Vending Machine Kiosk at your service, 24/7!

Uload is a Digital Eload Vending Machine. It is a kiosk designed to be an unmanned and operational at 24/7. It uses the latest GPRS technology to ensure fast and efficient E-load to its end users. With a 7″ LCD touch screen, this e-loading machine has a small footprint and accepts both coins and paper bills.

How to load with the Uload Digital Eload Vending Machine:

STEP 1. Press the touchscreen monitor to display the menu. This will prompt the audio instructions as well (you have a choice between English or Taglish). The screen will display several services, choose the CELLPHONE LOAD icon for eloading transactions. It also accepts Bills Payments. And a Customer Care menu is also available.

STEP 2. Key in your mobile phone number and then click OK. Another menu will appear on the screen as the machine recognizes your specific network (example SUN; it will display SUN services); choose which mobile network you’re in. Uload supports the six (6) mobile networks (Globe, TM, Smart, Talk n’ Text, Red Mobile and Sun Cellular).

a step-by-step process is shown on the 7 inch display
It’s very easy to load with Uload Eload Vending Machine! Everything is displayed on the screen and it also has audio instructions!

STEP 3. Choose the amount to be loaded. For regular loads just type it in, say 20 for twenty peso load. Use the numeric keypad on the screen. For Call&Text Unlimited, TextUnlimited, WinnerTxt10 and such, click the button that says SPECIAL LOADS and choose what you want. Then press OK. Broadband or Internet loads are also offered.

STEP 4. A summary of the transaction will be displayed on the screen. Check and review if all the information is correct then press OK. If not, you can click on the BACK button to delete and change the information or click CANCEL to stop the transaction (or if you want to start over from the beginning). Remember that in any case that there is an error in the information you have confirmed, it is not the fault of the machine or the system.

STEP 5. This is the point where you will be asked to drop in your coins and bills in their appropriate slots. The machine will not give back change (sukli). What it does is retain your change in the system for 60days and when you use ULOAD again (any ULOAD machine anywhere in the Philippines) when you key in your number (the same number as before when you transacted) you will see your credit and you can now use it or add to it. Upon inserting the correct amount and the machine accepted it, it will now say “THE TRANSACTION IS COMPLETE. THANK YOU!”

Wait for a couple of seconds to a minute for your load confirmation to arrive on your cellphone. This should not take long. In case your load took time to arrive, use the CUSTOMER CARE icon on the Uload Display.

That’s it! You’re now loaded! 🙂

It’s a really a good idea that you could load whenever conveniently with this kind of machine. I’ve read on  uloa’ds website that this is also available for franchising. I think this will also be a good investment since loading is a very lucrative business in the country. But for now, I think I’ll be just an ordinary “suki”. 🙂



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