First Time No.2: Cooking Rolled Oats with Coffee Choco Chip Cookie Crumble

It was already about 4 o’clock in the afternoon that I realized I haven’t eaten my lunch. I guess watching all those SEO webinars and reading all those tutorials kept me preoccupied for hours.  And so, hungry, thirsty and dizzy, I went to our kitchen and looked for something to eat.

I thought of having a glass of an ice-cold coffee and a bowl of plain oatmeal would somehow fill my grumbling stomach as this was my usual mid-afternoon meal but I thought of having something new so I decided to make a little fuddie experiment and combine my favorite snacks in a one tummy filling meal.

Here’s my version of Coffee flavored Rolled Oats with Choco Chip Crumble.

Here are the ingredients that you’ll need:
Powdered Creamer
Brown Sugar
Choco Chip Cookies
Rolled Oats or any Instant Oatmeal

1) Pour about 3 cups of water in a pot, set fire in high heat and wait for about a minute for it to boil.
2) When it boils, lower the temperature to medium and put 4 teaspoons of coffee.
3) Stir until coffee is dissolved.
4) Put a cup of rolled oats and continue stiring until the water thickens and the oats become softer.
5) Lower heat and put 3 to 4 teaspoons of powdered creamer and continue stiring until it gets your desired texture.
6) Add sugar according to your taste.
7) Crush and sprinkle the choco chip cookies. Leave some for garnishing.
8) Pour on your favorite bowl or plate. Enjoy!

Bitter-Sweet-Creamy taste. Best resembles a hot cup of cappuccino with the chewy texture of rolled oatmeal.

A dose of caffeine, chocolate, cookies and cream in one!



    • Hi there! Thanks for dropping by! Haven’t posted anything for a month already. Been busy with some work-stuff. I hope you’d stick around for more “first-time scenarios”, I’ll update my blog soon! See you! 🙂

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