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First Time No.3: Open a BPI Savings Bank Account


Having a Bank Account nowadays has been a necessity in itself. Banks offer so much services now apart from savings and investments, providing loans, and a whole lot more – you name it! For me, I use it for several reasons: one is to keep me and my money safe – I feel more secured just bringing enough cash whenever I go out; two is for me to gain easy access to money – it’s just a swipe away from an ATM; and lastly as a payment method for my small businesses one of which is my online perfume giveways webstore.

I wasn’t really thinking of opening a new bank account simply because I’m currently contented with my existing account with another bank. I thought that it’s not practical to have two or several other bank accounts. Plus, I’m not really one of those who like to keep so many cards in their wallet - I like to keep my wallet as thin as possible (paper bills are exclusions :D ). Until yesterday, I had a client from Boracay who would only prefer depositing his payment over Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) since according to him is the only bank in their vicinity. Our deals will go a long way and we’ll be having a “long-term business partnership”. And so to accommodate my client, I’ve decided that it’s about time to open a new account with BPI and also for us to transact better and faster (sidenotes: I also accept other payment methods for my business but I prefer bank transactions and deposits. I feel somewhat more secured with this process or I’m just being traditional.). Moreover, I realized that it would also be a good idea to keep and maintain two or a number of bank accounts for me to have an option specially when my current bank’s ATMs are not in the vicinity, aren’t online, under maintenance or just plainly being not helpful.

The Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) is one of the largest banks in the country.

The Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) is one of the largest banks in the country.

So, so much for the inside story, in short, I opened a BPI ATM Saving Account or BPI Express Teller International Account at SM Southmall Branch.

You may open an ATM-only account (opening is Php500.00 and maintaining balance is Php3,000.00) or an ATM with Passbook account (maintaining balance is Php10,000.00) with BPI.

Here are the requirements and a step-by-step process in applying for a BPI Savings Account (same for both ATM-only or with Passbook Accounts):

1. Make personal appearance to the bank and bring the following requirements.
Two (2) Valid IDs and photocopy of them:
Sidenote: If you could provide more than two IDs, the better.
Driver’s license
Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) ID
National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) clearance
Police clearance
Postal ID
Voter’s ID
Barangay certification
Government Service and Insurance System (GSIS) e-Card
Social Security System (SSS) Card
Philhealth Card
Senior Citizen Card
Overseas Workers Welfare
Administration (OWWA) ID
Overseas Filipino Worker ID
Seaman’s Book
Alien Certification of Registration/Immigrant Certificate of Registration
Government office ID:
(e.g. Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), Home Development Mutual Fund (HDMF) IDs)
Certification from the National Council for the Welfare of Disabled Persons (NCWDP)
Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Certification
Other valid IDs issued by the Government and its instrumentalities

Billing Statement:
Sidenote: This is just to verify your billing address. You may use billing statements even if it’s not under your name as long as it’s from your family members.
Electric Bill
Telephone Bill
Water Bill
Credit Card Bill,  etc.

Two (2) copies of 1×1 latest photo

2. Fill out the application form they will provide by supplying the required information. You are required to provide three (3) identical signature specimens.

3. At least Php500.00 initial or opening balance. Please take note that your account will only be allowed one month before the rule on “maintaining balance” will be applied.

4. Allow a day to have your account activated. Some say, you need two (2) to three (3) days before you could claim your ATM Kit but in my case, I received the ATM kit right-away.

I got the blue one. But I think it comes in two (2) other colors: gold and red.

Aside from being an ATM Card, you could also use it as a Debit Card or BPI Cardholders can shop the cashless way through Express Payment System (E.P.S.)

Aside from being an ATM Card, you could also use it as a Debit Card or BPI Cardholders can shop the cashless way through Express Payment System (E.P.S.)

5. They will ask you if you want to enroll it to their online and phone banking which I did. I’ll post another entry on how it went later.

Actually, I’m really impressed with how the whole process went. It just took me approximately twenty (20) minutes to have my application processed and approved - well, add another fifteen (15) minutes when I fall in line and waited for my turn. The one who assisted me was very approachable and accommodating. I asked a lot of questions, I thought that she would be irritated but she explained it to me in detail and in a very customer-friendly way – 5-stars for her! :)

And that’s it! I’m now a BPI Cardholder! I’m now excited to enjoy their products and services! Let the “payments” come! :D

I hope their aftersales and online and telephone customer service representatives are as efficient as the one who assisted me.

For more information on their rates and requirements, I highly encourage you to visit their website at as I only have a limited knowledge on their operations.

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133 thoughts on “First Time No.3: Open a BPI Savings Bank Account

  1. Hello. I already have a BPI savings account but I wish to open another account under my business’ name. Do you have any idea if there are other requirements for this. Thank you. :)

  2. hello there guys. may i ask po what are the requirements if u want to open a joint account? is there a chance po ba na i can apply for joint account and my partner is my friend?

  3. Is it true that if you open an account to BPI and deposit 10,000 pesos. They will offer you a credit card?

  4. thank you so much.. it helps me a lot

  5. Hi.. My brother sent his BPI international card just like the one you posted here.. He wanted me to get the account number of that card and routing number? Is it the numbers at the back f the ATM card? where can i get the routing number of it? hoping for your help.. Thanks.. :)

  6. hi just want to clarify. initial deposit is P500?

  7. hi, i want to open an account on a student..what are the requirements..and what to do?. please help me.thanks

  8. I just got opened a BPI savings account, 250 only, 50 is for the processing fee and 200 is your balance, they said no maintaining balance is required, you can withdraw your 200 anytime according to the teller, the next day I tried to withdraw my 200 but it cannot be withdrawn. yun pala 500 yung minimum withdrawal, unlike sa BDO na 200. driver’s license lang yong pinakita ko anyway.

    tanong ko lang po, magkano maximum deposit ng BPI savings account international? at pwede ba ako magddeposit pag nasa ibang bansa ako? tnx.

  9. Gud afternoon poh..magtatanong poh sana ako kc gsto ko poh mag open account for saving BPI..! Nag accept poh kayo ng barangay clearance sir at may 1×1 pictures lng poh..kac dto ako ngayun sa manila eh..salamat poh!

  10. Hi, is it possible for someone to deposit money on my account the same day it’s made? Thanks!

  11. hi:: ask ko lang po kung mgkanu babayadan mu pag ng open ka ng savings account at may valid din po ba yung atm card?

  12. hello po. thanks for this post.^^ So it is possible to get the card on the same day? because I really need to get it tomorrow before this year ends and I will just apply for it tomorrow. TIA. :)

  13. Thanks for sharing…. Very nice explanation…..

  14. hi, pde ko ba gamitin to pang withdraw abroad? thanks.

  15. how can i appl y for a credit card aside from the debit card?

  16. bakit invalid poh ung postal id? Magbubukas sana ako ng accnt knina kaso poh hndi dw valid ang postal id….

  17. Sir, this is so much helpful. Thank you. How much is the maintaining balance? I’m planning to apply for one next week, first time too.

  18. Tanong ko lang, ano po ang policy ng BPI sa kanilang joint account, for example kami ng mother ko ang mag joint account, at kung sakaling isa sa amin ang pumanaw, automatic ba lahat ng money na nasa account ay mapupunta sa isa pang ka join ko.

  19. may nabasa ako na pwd mag open ng atm na 500.00 only. pwd ba kasi ala akong 3000 para mag open.

  20. pls answer ,

  21. i opened na atm account to BPI may P3000 maintaining balance cya pwede ko kaya cya i convert sa easy saver?

  22. Meron akong Easy Saver account at n-damage yung ATM card, can i replace it to other BPI branches? Im now working in Pampanga and originally i opened my account in Makati. Hassle in my part if i go to Makati for that.

  23. Thanks for the info! Plan ko din po kase mag-open ng account sa BPI. Hesistant lang ako kase wala po akong billing statement na named after me. Pwede pala na naka-name sa member ng family. Thanks and God Bless po :)

  24. hi ask lang po ako if police clearance,barangay clearance and voter’s ID po ay okay na po sa knila as valid IDs?..slmat po

  25. pwede po ba kahit voters id at barangay clearance lang?

  26. hello..gusto ko po mag open ng account kaso taga probinsya po ako na dito ngayon sa manila e gusto ko po magkaroon ng account sa BPI ,panu po yun e wala po akung billing statement…meron po akong passport at postal ID..Thanks..

  27. This is very helpful. Thanks!

  28. gud afternoon , ask ko lang kung pwede bang isang id lang ang dalhin, at saka mag kano yung unang hulog .. tnx in advance

  29. pede po bang magtanung
    mag aaral po ako pero gusto ko pong mag open account pano po kaya un ?
    anu pong requirement ko ?

  30. hi sir, could my application would be process if i have only P500 for the opening account and haven’t yet 3k for maintaining balance?

  31. i will be opening my first bank account next week. thanks for the info. very helpful!

  32. Thanks for sharing! Very helpful :)

  33. I opened an account in Pasig (Rotonda) last December and the IDs I provided are School ID (with Reg Form); Postal as secondary; and Brgy Clearance as proof of residence. It shouldn’t be hard to open an account. Besides, why would any bank refuse a potential depositor? I advise anyone to open at least one bank account. In my case, it’s really helped me save. When i have dispensable income, i go straight ahead at depositing it to my account so I avoid spending on things that are not in my budget. Also, seeing your savings grow gives you motivation to save even more. Before you know it, your saving would have had increased to 100K!

    Try company ID if you’re employed. And don’t be afraid to visit any of the bank branches, they would me more than happy to accommodate every depositor no matter how big or small (though BIG TIME depositors get some special treatment)

  34. Hi! I tried to fill out the application form they do have on their FB page (BPI). But it requires TIN number. Is it okay not to have it? I want to open my bank account badly.

  35. Pwede po mag-open ng account thru internet ? nasa ibang bansa po kasi . patulong po kung alam mo . ty . :)

  36. Actually it makes me nervous entering any bank to inquire regarding opening a savings account. They are always unaccommodating and would always answer my queries with a tone that is intimidating and makes me feels as if I am wasting their time, especially with those banks which are located inside the malls. Just this Feb. 10, 2014, I went to a BPI branch (SM) as I need to open a payroll account (my company is located in Cebu and I am in Pampanga) so I need to personally open my payroll account. I do have my endorsement letter and my TIN ID, Birth certificate (NSO), proof of billing, Philhealth card (not the PVC type). I do not yet have my company ID as I am newly hired. My PRC ID and passport are both expired (was not able to renew them as previously I have no need of them, and of course the fact that it is too time taxing to renew them and I do not the time to do such). The bank personnel told me that the IDs I have and other supporting documents that I have are not sufficient and even dismissed me readily without further explaining why, as I needed that payroll account, I went ahead and asked what should I provide them for me to be able to open the payroll account, they (as the original personnel endorsed me to their what looks to be their branch manager) told me (in an annoyed tone) that even if I already have my company ID, NBI clearance, birth certificate (original, from NSO), TIN ID and proof of billing. Basing on experience from other banks where I tried to open a savings account, you would have to present the following as primary IDs: PRC ID, passport, driver’s license, or the SSS ID/UMID ID (ATM type/PVC) for them to accommodate you and of course they would need the secondary IDs or documents. By the way I am not the only who experienced such treatment, my sister and my mom who both now resides abroad tried opening for a saving account and a time deposit account here in the Philippines and also received the same “hospitality” from bank personnels especially those which are located inside the malls. Actually the worse treatment we’ve had is from the bank which do sport their “main primary colors” as YELLOW and BLUE. Seems any branch we go, all of their personnels are all “SNOB,” well except the guards who are very friendly. :)

  37. Plan k ng account..10.000.00 po ang hlaga dapat ideposit agad?ATM with passbook n iyan xa?

  38. This is really big help for first timer to open account for bpi thanks a lot !

  39. Hi magkano BPI ATM CARD? Sana mag aaply ako :)

  40. Hi! Been searching a lot of things in the net and you always appear in Google =)). So happy because you always have the complete information in your blog. Your post/s have the answers to my questions. Thanks. Good job! (Suggested site for those who want to get immediate info or tamad sa pagsearch. HAHA)

  41. Hello! Is it possible to deposit my personal money in my employment express teller account? Thanks!

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